Washington State Special Agent Supervisor - Criminal Enforcement Unit in Washington


The Criminal Enforcement Unit at the Washington State Gambling Commission is recruiting to fill a Special Agent Supervisor position.

The Criminal Enforcement Unit Special Agent Supervisor is a full-time, limited jurisdiction law enforcement officer position and is classified as Exempt Management Services position for Washington State. This position is located in the Licensing, Regulation and Enforcement Division. The successful candidate may reside anywhere in Eastern Washington, or between the cities of Olympia and Seattle in Western Washington.

Who is the Gambling Commission?

We are an accredited, limited-jurisdiction law enforcement agency whose mission is to protect the public by ensuring that gambling is legal and honest. We are the second oldest gambling regulatory agency in the country and the only statewide agency that licenses and regulates an estimated $3.5 billion gambling industry comprised of Tribal, commercial, and nonprofit businesses.

*Why Join Our Team? *

Our employees are our most important asset and we are always looking for highly talented individuals to join our team. We offer...

  • Interesting and challenging work... from regulatory field work, to licensing and financial investigations, to law enforcement, to working with tribal representatives;
  • First class training and tuition reimbursement programs;
  • Flexible work schedules;
  • A working environment that supports diversity;
  • And...EXCELLENT employment benefits!

Our core values of Integrity, Professionalism, Respect and Diversity are integrated in all aspects of every position. We are a tightknit agency of 114 employees when fully staffed. If you are interested in working in an environment where employees matter, and you are not just a number, we may be the Agency for you!

Why this Opportunity?

As a member for the Criminal Enforcement Unit, you will contribute to the agency's mission by detecting, investigating, and arresting people who have engaged in criminal activity involving gambling crimes or gambling related crimes. You will ultimately work to dismantle and disrupt criminal organizations and operations.

As a supervisor in the Criminal Enforcement Unit, you will contribute directly to the mission of the Gambling Commission by supervising a team of agents who investigate illegal gambling activities and advanced criminal investigations that are gambling related. Our Agents are instrumental in ensuring the Agency's mission to "Protect the public by ensuring gambling is legal and honest", is carried out. You will be counted on for guidance and instruction through complex criminal cases with the end goal to keep the criminal element out of gambling.

To learn more about our agency, we invite you to visit our website at http://www.wsgc.wa.gov.

Although job postings may be long, we encourage you to read this entire job announcement before applying for the position. There can be important information pertaining to the recruitment you will not want to miss. Duties

What you will do:

When you become the Criminal Enforcement Unit (CEU) Special Agent Supervisor, you will be responsible for assigning cases, duties, and special projects to the agents you supervise. You will also be responsible for the day to day operations of the unit and ensuring the agents you supervise follow all agency policies and procedures. You will be an active supervisor, so will review and approve leave, complete Special Agent performance evaluations, and correct any performance issues that may arise.

As a leader within the agency, you will assist the CEU Agent in Charge with preparing policies and procedures as well as completing special projects and presentations for both internal and external stake holders. Additionally, you may act for the Agent in Charge in their absence and be responsible for managing the unit.

In addition to the above, you will have your own active caseload where you will continue to maintain and develop your investigative skills. Some of the investigations you may conduct could be the result of a complaint made against the Commission, a licensee, or a believed illegal gambling act. You will identify, confiscate and preserve evidence in the event you may need to use it as testimony in either an administrative or criminal court proceeding. Additionally, you may need to apprehend or arrest suspected individuals.

The Gambling Commission is not only committed to your continual growth and development, but also the staff you will supervise. You will have the ability to recommend your staff attend certain trainings and you will be their first communication line to keep them informed when applicable laws relating to gambling activities are changed, updated or if new laws are implemented.

If this sounds like a position you may be interested in, we encourage you to apply!


Required Qualifications

  • A Bachelor's degree involving major study in criminal justice, accounting or finance, public or business administration, or closely related field, AND
  • At least three years' of experience in auditing, accounting, law enforcement, regulation, fraud, or investigations
  • (Note: Additional related experience may substitute year for year for education), AND
  • Graduate of the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission's Basic Law Enforcement Academy or equivalent.
  • Passage of a practical test to evaluate aptitude, skill, and suitability to supervise complex criminal investigations, undercover and surveillance performance factors for agents.

You must possess the below competencies:

  • An established record of integrity, without any record of felony crime or significant misdemeanor offenses that would indicate disrespect or disregard to the law.
  • Knowledge of criminal law and governmental agency regulations; departmental and unit policies and procedures; and special law enforcement methods and techniques.
  • Demonstrate a high-degree of independent judgment and initiative.
  • Ability to write detailed reports, memorandums, and correspondences.
  • Ability to give direction, to efficiently utilize staff, and demonstrate a high degree of motivation.
  • Knowledge of investigative techniques.
  • Knowledge of, and compliance with, the goals and objectives, policies, procedures, rules, and regulations of the Washington State Gambling Commission.
  • Enforce laws and regulations in a fair, objective, and reasonable manner. Ability to influence others for voluntary compliance.
  • Ability to convey clear, persuasive messages that are effective in influencing the thoughts and actions of others.
  • Interpret and communicate complex information in a manner understandable to others.
  • Ability to build constructive working relationships characterized by a high-level of acceptance, cooperation, and mutual regard.
  • Develop and deliver effective oral presentations and facilitate group processes.
  • Ability to handle difficult, stressful or sensitive interpersonal situations.
  • Ability to interpret, understand and apply Washington Administrative Code and the Revised Code of Washington.
  • Ability to interact with others in a patient, diplomatic, and professional manner from diverse backgrounds.
  • Ability to work in and contribute to a work environment that embraces diversity and brings together the strengths and perspectives of diverse groups to meet organizational goals.
  • Develop training using a variety of delivery methods selecting the method most effective based on the audience and topic.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively (both orally and in writing) to individuals and groups having diverse needs and interests.
  • Effectively plan, coordinate, and involve staff in program development and implementation.
  • Adapt easily to changing agency needs, conditions, and work responsibilities.
  • Identify key issues and make recommendations to increase efficiency and meet goals.
  • Work independently.
  • Ability to perform duties using a high degree of independent judgement and initiative.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Bachelors' Degree involving major study in criminal justice, accounting, finance, political science, public or business administration, or closely related field.
  • Seven years' of experience as a Gambling Special Agent or a commissioned law enforcement officer with experience working complex criminal, financial, and/or computer investigations.
  • Three years' of work experience as a supervisor of a law enforcement, regulatory, or investigative unit. Supplemental Information

Conditions of Employment

A Gambling Special Agent Supervisor is a commissioned law enforcement officer of the state of Washington and must have the highest level of integrity and ethical conduct. Gambling Special Agent Supervisors must meet ALL of the following conditions of employment:

  • Be a United States citizen
  • Possess a driver's license valid in Washington State and be able to drive a motor vehicle
  • Have no felony convictions
  • Have no misdemeanor convictions related to controlled substances, theft, moral turpitude, fraud, larceny, or crimes of violence within the last five years
  • Have no convictions for any crime associated with domestic violence
  • Have no DUI convictions within the last three years, or a substantial accumulation of driving violations which indicates a disregard for rules and regulations
  • Not use or possess illegal narcotics or controlled substances:
  • Drug Free – No use of any drugs within the three year period immediately preceding appointment
  • Marijuana – No use within the three year period immediately preceding appointment and use limited to experimentation
  • Amphetamines, Cocaine, and Opiates – No use within the five year period immediately preceding appointment and use limited to experimentation
  • Hallucinogens – No use within the ten year period immediately preceding appointment and use limited to experimentation
  • Refrain from excessive alcohol consumption
  • Adhere to agency policy of prohibiting employees from serving as officers or managers of any corporation or organization that conducts a lottery or gambling activity, including tribal gambling activities. Employees may not gamble in tribal gambling activities or any gambling licensed activities.
  • Be willing to undergo and able to pass an extensive background investigation, which includes a criminal records check, credit check, drug screening, and fingerprinting
  • Be willing to undergo a post offer polygraph examination, psychological evaluation, medical examination and drug screen
  • Be willing to accept assignments that may include occasional overnight travel, work in the evenings, on weekends and holidays

To be considered for this opportunity, you must submit:

  • A completed online application which includes contact information for at least three professionalreferences that includes current phone numbers and email addresses. You can create an application profile on www.careers.wa.gov by clicking the "Apply Now" button at the top of this page.
  • A completed Supplemental Questionnaire where all questions are fully answered. "See resume" or like answer is not acceptable and will result in an incomplete application and you will be disqualified from consideration for this position.Answer all questions in detail.
  • A letter of interest stating why you believe you are the ideal candidate for this position, and explaining how you meet the qualifications required for this position. Paste your letter of interest in the box provided under "Supplemental Questions." **NOTE: Leaving this section blank, stating "see attached", or only writing one or two sentences is not an acceptable answer and will result in your disqualification from consideration for this position.

A couple of notes to you:

  • We recommend you print and keep a copy of this job announcement so that you can refer to it.
  • Applications for this position may only be submitted every 30 days.
  • Application materials must be submitted no later than March 25th, 2018 for you to be considered for this opportunity.
  • The Gambling Commission may leave this recruitment open for an extended period of time if a sufficient candidate pool is not received by the above listed date.
  • The Gambling Commission reserves the right to close this recruitment before the above stated date if a sufficient candidate pool is reached. *We recommend you submit your application materials earlier rather than later.
  • All information may be verified and documentation may be required.
  • We will conduct a background check, psychological and polygraph exam, medical examination and drug screening prior to any new Agent appointment into the Washington State Gambling Commission.
  • A resume will not substitute for completing the "duties summary" section of the application. The "duties summary" section should capture experience listed in your responses to the supplemental questionnaire.
  • If you state you have a degree, please include an unofficial transcript as an attachment to you application packet.

Selection Process:

We recommend you carefully review your application before submitting. You must submit a complete application. All requested materials must be submitted in the requested format. Incomplete application materials may not be accepted. Failure to submit this information in the format requested may result in disqualification.

The initial screening will be solely based on the contents and completeness of:

  • Your attention to detail completing your application packet;
  • Completeness of the "duties summary" section of your application in Careers.wa.gov;
  • Your responses to the supplemental questionnaire; and
  • Review of your letter of interest which should paste as an answer in the "supplemental questionnaire" area. This will be reviewed for spelling and grammar.

Testing and first interviews will be scheduled for April 4th or 5th, 2018. Second interviews will be conducted April 18th or 19th, 2018. Candidates must be available during the scheduled testing and interview dates.

The Washington State Gambling Commission is an equal opportunity employer. Individuals with disabilities needing assistance in the application process or needing this job announcement in an alternative format should provide contact information via email to recruitment@wsgc.wa.gov or via telecommunication device for the deaf at (360) 486-3637.

For questions regarding this recruitment announcement email andrea.detlefsen@wsgc.wa.gov or call (360) 486-3614.

Salary: $5,094.00 - $6,521.00 Monthly

Location: Multiple Locations Statewide, WA

Job Type: Exempt

Department: Gambling Commission

Job Number: 2018-02493

Closing: 3/25/2018 11:59 PM Pacific

Agency: State of Washington

Address: View Job Posting for Agency Information View Job Posting for Location, Washington, 98504

Phone: View Posting for Agency Contact

Website: http://www.careers.wa.gov