CCSWW Program Manager IV in Seattle, Washington


The Aloha Inn is a resident managed transitional housing program for 66 homeless adults. We work to place every resident in appropriate housing as quickly as possible. We provide a number of services designed to assist people in finding and maintaining permanent housing. Residents are required to save money every week for permanent housing, contribute to the daily operations of the program, meet regularly with our housing counselor, and pay a nominal weekly rent. In addition, some residents are required to attend drug and alcohol recovery meetings and maintain an ongoing relationship with a mental health provider. Our screening criteria are intentionally low-barrier in regards to criminal history, past evictions and landlord issues, and credit history. As a result many of our residents have multiple barriers to finding permanent housing.

Palo Studios operates 15 units of permanent housing for individuals that are exiting the Aloha Inn to housing. The majority of the units are located at the Josephinum which is managed by Catholic Housing Services. Palo Studios offers case management services focused on housing retention.

Solanus Casey Center is a joint ministry of Catholic Community Services and St. James Cathedral. Solanus Casey is a drop-in daytime referral center located on First Hill that provides services to unemployed and homeless persons, as well as people in shelters, in-between shelters, and living on the street. The program’s mission is to offer hospitality and referral.


The Program Director is responsible for managing the Aloha Inn transitional housing program, Palo Studios permanent housing set-asides, and the Solanus Casey drop in center. The Aloha Inn requires management of all aspects of the transitional housing program that follows a resident self-governance model. Responsibilities include program oversight; hiring, training, supervising and evaluation staff; financial management; and meeting reporting requirements. In addition they are responsible for services offered through the SSI Navigator, Palo Studios and the Solanus Casey Center.

This is a full time, salaried position with full benefits and generous paid time off.


  • The Program Manager IV is responsible for establishing the culture of resident governance, resident participation in program development, resident peer review (as opposed to traditional case management) and other areas of resident involvement. Emphasize facilitating and empowering above directly governing and commanding.

  • Self management presents opportunities for success for residents and staff, as well as challenges and frustrations. The Program Manager IV is responsible for directing the level of resident involvement, weighing the benefits of participation with the risks of overloading clients and formerly homeless staff with too many responsibilities, which may overwhelm people or be neglected. Be responsible for guiding the development and use of power for the good of the individual and the organization, teaching group process, collective responsibility, resource development, and understanding of structures and uses of power. Empower residents to make significant positive changes in their lives by participating in management, articulating their needs and accessing and developing services to meet their own and others' needs. Take corrective action when empowerment leads to misuse of power against other residents or the program, within the Aloha and within sponsoring agencies, funders, the press and the general public.

  • Support resident self management by facilitation of resident governing committees in the areas of: admittance to and termination from the program, monitoring of residents' progress and receipt of services, adjudication of conflicts between residents, development and enforcement of house rules, and program implementation and development. Develop systems for maximum participation by residents in areas normally worked by professional staff.

  • Be responsible for the hiring, training, scheduling, supervision, evaluation, and if appropriate, termination of staff, both regular and temporary. Provide supervision and training to employees hired from the homeless community, who have less experience, a significantly greater need for support and high turnover.

  • Raise, supervise and manage finances: manage a budget of approximately $760,000 annually comprised of mostly government funding sources, develop and implement the budget, pay the bills, ensure collection and deposit of resident rents, monitor financial statements, write grant proposals, including those to HUD, King County and the City of Seattle, conduct fundraising activities and solicit donations.

  • Raise, supervise and manage other program resources, particularly the donated food for 66 individuals per day. Ensure that the kitchen operations meet Health Department standards.

  • Develop ways to improve residents' progress and levels of success at meeting their goals in transitional housing.

  • Develop, implement and supervise the provision of essential services to residents in areas such as health, substance abuse, employment, housing, transportation and finances. Monitor services, contracts and relationships with eight organizations providing these services.

  • Monitor, enforce and negotiate all program funding and performance contracts and be responsible for all fund reporting, including City of Seattle funds, HUD McKinney funds, the Housing Levy Trust Fund, King County Consolidated Homeless Funding, State of Washington Housing Assistance Program, and Seattle Low Income Housing Levy building purchase loan.

  • Represent and advocate for the program with the wider community. Act as a consultant in self-management for housing programs in the community.

  • Maintain good neighborhood relations.

  • Work with Catholic Housing Services as the owner of the Aloha Inn building and property.

  • Develop housing and maintain housing opportunities including set aside relationships with Plymouth housing Group and Catholic Housing Services.

  • Ensure proper maintenance and repair of the Aloha Inn building and property, working with vendors and contractors. Make or supervise all program purchases, including equipment.

  • Ensure that proper documentation is maintained in residents' files, and data is kept for reporting purposes and audits.

  • Supervise operations of SHARE's use of the Aloha Inn facilities in support of up to twelve overnight shelters

  • Supervise the staff and volunteers of Solanus Casey Center.

  • Maintain a positive working relationship with St. James Cathedral in regards to the drop in center.

  • Develop measurements and criteria for evaluating the project, engage appropriate professional evaluation and facilitate its implementation, and be responsible for recommending and creating program changes as appropriate.

  • Work with Catholic Community Services, grassroots organizations, and other programs to increase resources for fighting homelessness locally and nationally. Work to increase funds, promote supportive legislation, and defeat policies that hurt the poor. Organize Aloha Inn residents and Palo Studios tenants to participate in shaping government and community policies that affect them.

Management responsibilities:

  • Responsible for hiring, supervising and evaluating all program staff- currently 10 staff.

  • Be on call for staffing emergencies.

  • Prepare and monitor budget for program.

  • Monitor monthly program financial statements, ensuring their accuracy. Work with the Director to modify expenditures as necessary.

  • Prepare invoices for funding and submit accounts payable requests to accounting.

  • Responsible for staff scheduling and arranging trainings as needed.

  • Manage data entry on clients into the local Homeless Management Information System.

  • Produce detailed quarterly and annual demographic and service reports for several funders.

  • Ensure client records meet agency and contract standards.

  • Produce flyers and other information regarding availability of services for distribution in the community.

  • Monitor government contracts and ensure compliance with all contract requirements.

  • Ensure that program operation and documentation complies with all contractual, auditing and other applicable standards.

  • If there are specific personnel requirements cited in program contract(s), notify Human Resources of those requirements.

  • Conduct ongoing program review to ensure that program standards are maintained.

  • Collect, compile and distribute all program reports as required.


  • Responsible for approval of purchasing supplies for the offices.

  • Handle emergency and facility issues.

  • Develop emergency plans for programs.

  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: (Qualifications applicant must possess to be considered for the position.)

  • Bachelor's degree in social services or a related field, or commensurate experience in social services.

  • Two years of supervisory experience with proven ability to supervise multi-shift program.

  • Experience that demonstrates the ability to manage facilities and oversee physical operations.

  • Strong knowledge of accounting principles and ability to oversee development and operation of fiscal budgets.

  • At least two years of experience in direct provision of social services, preferably with people experiencing homelessness.

  • Understanding of problems homeless people often face, including alcohol and drug abuse, mental illness, domestic violence, and poverty.

  • Excellent written and oral communication.

  • Good office computer skills, with ability to maintain complex client records and produce flyers and informational materials.

  • Commitment to working within the mission, goals and objective of Catholic Community Services.

  • Valid Washington State Drivers License and meet conditions of agency driving policy


  • Master’s degree in Social Work or a related field.

  • Experience in social service administration and supervision.

  • Fluency in Spanish.

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