Target Target Security Specialist in Lacey, Washington

data-selector-name="jobdetails" data-org-id="1118" data-job-id="7505426" data-google-job-id="" data-apply-click-url="/job/ApplyClick">Target Security SpecialistApply NowJob ID:6899539Date posted:03/14/2018Location:3500 Marvin Rd NE, Lacey, Washington

Description:Controls access to Target property and facilities by following Best Practices, Procedures and Protocols Directs interaction with law enforcement, fire department, Emergency Medical Services and other emergency management agencies during emergency situations Prevents the loss of Target equipment, property and merchandise through the execution of loss-prevention strategies Coordinates the development and documentation of investigations in Target Case Management

Qualifications:High School degree or equivalent Strong oral and written communication skills Must be at least 18 years of age or older Demonstrated ability to complete multiple tasks simultaneously and respond quickly in a calm manner Coordinate all inbound and outbound trailers with stores and security teams. -