Frontier Communications Corporation PRODUCT SALES SPECIALIST TCI - ReqID: 319689-798 in Everett, Washington

Description Overview The Cisco Product Sales Specialist is the catalyst behind Frontier Communications' success as an organization. As a consultative sales professional, the Cisco Product Sales Specialist is responsible for driving Cisco revenue growth and bringing in net new business from prospects and current customers into all segment accounts. Cisco Product Sales Specialist help solve the business needs of prospects and customers by aligning their needs and objectives with Frontier's Cisco solution(s). Product Sales Specialist own all opportunities and customers in account segments and are responsible for coordinating resources and managing the sales campaign across the entire opportunity pipeline. As a Cisco Product Sales Specialist you'll play a crucial role in facilitating the success of the Frontier field sales teams in selling the full suite of Cisco Collaboration, Enterprise Networking and Security products, software, solutions, and services with measurable sales objectives for the region you support. You will be the subject matter expert in the area of Cisco products and services. Your role is to help drive current and future revenue and build a pipeline working both on tactical and strategic level on accounts in your sales territory. Strategic Value of Role Generate revenue for Frontier through new logo acquisition and current customer expansion: Exceeding projected revenue goals in the assigned region Landing new logo customers for Frontier offerings Expanding the Frontier footprint within current customer accounts through cross-sell and up-sell opportunities Role Your role as a Cisco Product Sales Specialist is to close net new business and retain the existing customer base which you are assigned to. As a Cisco Product Sales Specialist, you are responsible for all opportunities and accounts assigned to you in the segment which are likely to fall across a myriad of industries. This responsibility requires the management of both pre and post-sales support resources throughout sales campaigns. Cisco Product Sales Specialist team is responsible for all customers and opportunities in their segment across Frontier's business. They fulfill a vital role of leveraging leads provided by Marketing, handling different kinds of sales scenarios and ultimately closing sales opportunities. The Cisco Product Sales Specialists main goal is to turn as many opportunities into closed-won deals as possible. Once an opportunity has been closed, the Product Sales Specialists job is to help manage the initial phases of post-sales support and ensure implementation is set up accordingly. This is achieved through the support of additional resources - such as Pre-Sales Technicians, Cisco employees and Sales Engineers - whose goal is to help you close the deal. How does the Cisco Product Sales Specialist generate value for customers? Gain a deep understanding of the prospect or customer's processes and problems Ensure the right questions are being asked and answered Obtain qualitative and quantitative data which can be leveraged by the sales support team to identify the right solution(s) Justify all investments through compelling and customer-focused business cases Determine next steps and turn strategic discussions into tactical implementations What makes a great Cisco Product Sales Specialist? Customer Focused: Approaching all opportunities through the lenses of the prospect or customer Strategic: Able to prioritize and manage multiple accounts within a region Insightful: Pays attention to details and can bring unique value on every customer interaction Resourceful: Able to overcome obstacles and barriers to find appropriate sales solutions revenue and build a pipeline working both on tactical and strategic level on accounts in y