MICROSOFT CORP Software Engineer II in Redmond, Washington

Job Description: Responsible for developing or testing computer software applications, systems or services. Evaluate requirements, estimate development costs, design and implement the software, review the design and implementation, improve the development process, perform unit testing, communicate status, analyze risks and compromises, integrate software into a larger system, or diagnose and resolve issues. Work autonomously on specific software feature areas or components, contributing broadly to product development and demonstrating characteristics of emerging technical leadership. May be assigned to various projects that utilize the required technical skills to deploy successful product releases, from early product definition and scoping to detailed specification, implementation and roll-out phases. Minimum Requirements: -Education: Bachelor’s or foreign equivalent degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Information Systems, Physics or a related field -24 months software development experience formulating and analyzing software requirements utilizing C, C++, C# or other high-level programming language. -This position also requires Education or Experience in: Coordinating Program development of computer software applications/systems/services from design through product release; Linear Algebra; Distributed Programming; Signal Processing; Algorithms and Complexity; C++; and Computer System Architecture. Multiple job openings. Qualified candidates must meet the minimum requireme